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Approachable Parenting

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Approachable Parenting has been delivering evidence-based programmes for over ten years, mainly to Muslim families. Our programmes were developed by bedding psychological principles within an Islamic framework, resulting in significant differences in parent and child outcomes. However, we work with parents from all backgrounds, cultures, faiths and no faith, to support them in developing a positive family structure, by providing a safe environment that is trusted by parents to explore problems and learn techniques that are incorporated into the family. Our work has a direct influence on empowering parents to develop a good bond with their child right from pregnancy to 18 years.

Family Links

Logo for Family Links

Family Links has 20 years of experience providing training and resources for a range of programmes that empower adults and children aged 0 – 19 to lead emotionally healthy lives and build positive relationships in school and at home. The award-winning training courses provide knowledge, skills and strategies to build empathy and resilience, develop self-esteem and self-awareness, and manage our feelings and behaviour. Outcomes are an increase in parenting self-efficacy, increase in parental wellbeing and attachment, increase in children’s prosocial behaviour, decrease in children’s behavioural and emotional difficulties and reduction in referrals to social care.

Mellow Parenting

Logo for Mellow Parenting

Mellow Parenting has developed group programmes from pregnancy to preschool, for parents with difficulties including depression, anxiety, addictions, domestic abuse and child protection concerns. New programmes are being evaluated for parents with learning difficulties, and parents supporting children with disabilities. Mellow Parenting recognises the fundamental importance of relationships. Programmes are based on attachment and social learning theories. Parents are given personal support with their own issues alongside parenting workshops based on detailed strengths-based video feedback. Evaluation ensures programme fidelity. Successful engagement of the most vulnerable families, low attrition rates and strong outcomes show that the programmes are effective.

Parent Gym

Logo for ParentGym

Parent Gym is a universal, evidence-based parenting programme that builds the skills and confidence of parents of primary-school-age children. The programme is made up of weekly, two-hour workshops supported with specially designed magazines. Our approach is interactive and practical. Each week parents choose a ‘mission’ to try out at home and report back to the group on successes and trials. The final workshop equips the parents to continue running their own mutual support group, which many of them go on to do. Independent evaluation shows that we successfully build parental self-efficacy.

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities - Race Equality

Logo for Strengthening Families/Strengthening Communities

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) is an evidence-based parenting programme offering parents and carers support, information and strategies to help them make a meaningful difference for their families. Violence prevention is at its core; promoting healthy lifestyles, healthy families and healthy communities. The approach supports parents not only to improve their relationships with their children but also to become active citizens and advocates for their families. In bringing people together from diverse ethnic and faith groups, with differing experiences, SFSC has also developed networks of support and improved relationships within communities over the shared vision of raising happy, healthy and successful children.

Parents as First Teachers

Logo for Parents as First Teachers

A strength-based interactive programme, working with parents of children pre-birth to 5 years.

Its core values are:

  • Parents are their children’s first and most influential teacher
  • Early years are critical for optimum development
  • Based on current research into neuroscience and child development, a high-quality flexible programme, which is interactive and responsive, is provided through regular personal visits by trained, certified workers partnering with the family
  • Parents are enabled to expand, nurture and enrich the child’s learning experience, whilst developing and strengthening a nurturing parent-child relationship.


Logo for Peeple

Peeple is a charity, whose main purpose is to support parents/carers, babies and children to learn together – by valuing and building on what families already do. The Peep Learning Together Programme aims to improve parenting skills and the quality of the home learning environment in the Early Years – because research shows that these make the biggest contribution to narrowing the gap in children’s outcomes. We work directly with families in Oxfordshire and we train practitioners from around the UK (and beyond) to deliver the Programme. We also run the Peep Pre-school in Oxford.

Solihull Approach

Logo for the Solihull Approach

The Solihull Approach is about improving emotional health and well-being through relationships. Solihull Approach is evidenced, developed 20 years ago, by CAMHS and community health practitioners dedicated to workforce development and parental support. The Solihull Approach model provides a framework for understanding, which leads to change. Resources, training and groups for parents have been developed for practitioners across the child and family workforce, for schools, pupils and parents, from conception to young adulthood. The model encompasses all relationships; parent to child and practitioner, between colleagues and between parents. Online courses, antenatal, postnatal and parenting 0-19 years are available for parents.

The For Baby's Sake Trust

Logo for The For Baby's Sake Trust

The For Baby’s Sake Trust works to address the root causes of complex challenges, focusing on initiatives that aim to disrupt cycles of disadvantage, trauma and poor outcomes across generations. The Trust launched an innovative programme in April 2015 addressing the specific risks for babies born into families where there is domestic abuse, ‘Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby’. In June 2017, it was given a new name and a preceding strapline, ‘Breaking the Cycle – For Baby’s Sake’. For Baby’s Sake is a programme for expectant parents, whether they wish to remain together as a couple or not, who want to bring an end to domestic abuse and break free from the pain it causes, to their unborn baby in particular, for whom they want the best possible start in life.