Are you looking to join the Alliance? We invite membership of the Alliance from individuals and organisations which have developed parenting programmes that are being delivered in the UK, or those who have introduced established programmes into the UK at scale.  

  • Delivery will be in more than one location;
  • Replicable via training and manualising;
  • Evaluated and demonstrable outcomes;
  • Demonstrable quality assurance standards and processes. E.g. recruitment, induction, ongoing training and development, and supervision.

Benefits of membership

You will then become linked to a growing network of parenting programme developers. Furthermore, you will enjoy access to networking opportunities, tailored events, and workshops.

Types of members

Organisational members: Organisations that meet the criteria can join the Alliance. Those eligible may receive an invite to sit on the Steering Group.

Individual members: Individual traders who meet the criteria can join the Alliance, but may not sit on the Steering Group.


The Alliance is overseen by a Steering Group which is made up of a maximum of 15 organisational members. Only organisational members are able to sit on the Steering Group. 

The group meets to propose developments and take forward our plans and act as the Steering Group for the Alliance. 

Our ambition is to invite other organisations to join the Alliance to grow the membership and increase the activities and influence of the group. As membership grows we expect to ask for volunteers from the membership to join this Steering Group as well as provide regular opportunities for all members to meet. Members of the Steering Group will be selected as new spaces arise.

Joining the Alliance

Individuals or organisations who meet the above criteria, and who are delivering at scale in the UK, can join the Alliance. We are currently developing our membership offer and not yet accepting applications. But if you would like to register your interest in joining, please complete the form below and we will be in touch in due course.